Please allow 3-5 business days for order preparation before shipping.  Larger orders may require additional prep time. Shipping times are estimates provided by the USPS, and are not guaranteed.

Shipping Calculator

Actual shipping costs will vary depending on your location and items in your order.  You can use the Shipping Calculator in the cart to find out the actual cost of shipping to your region.

United States Shipping Options

  • First Class Mail arrives in about 1-3 business days; does not include tracking.
  • Priority Mail arrives in 2 business days; includes tracking. Free for domestic orders over $50.
  • Priority Mail Express overnight shipping; includes tracking.

International Shipping Options

  • First Class Mail International arrives in 2-6 weeks; may not include tracking.
  • Priority Mail International arrives in 6-10 business days; includes tracking.
  • Priority Mail Express International arrives in 3-5 business days; includes tracking.

International shipments may be subject to additional fees at customs.  First Class Mail International is an economy option and is not as reliable as the others — select it at your own risk.