What does “threading” mean? Which option should I choose?

“Threading” refers to the type of bolt or threaded rod that can be attached to the rig. We offer three sizes:

  • M3 is 3mm metric threading; it is commonly used internationally for puppet armatures and rigging hardware.
  • M4 is 4mm metric threading; less commonly used than M3, but might be useful for heavier or longer rigs.
  • 6-32 is a threading type common in the United States; US-based animators may want to choose this option if they source hardware locally.

What is the weight capacity of these winders?

Up to about 8oz (or 0.25 kg) should be reliable at full extension. Heavier puppets/rigs may be used with a more limited range of motion, or if the winder is used only for control rather than support. Ultimately, these are lightweight PLA winders designed as an inexpensive option for independent animators.

Is shipping available to my country?

Probably so! For more information on shipping options, check out the Shipping page.